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by Joshua Omanyo -

Dear all,

This is to advise you to follow the following steps in attempting Open Book Exams to ease congestion on the LMS during this period of remote examination:

Step 1: Login in to moodle at the start time of your examination as per the Examination Timetable.

Step 2: Access the unit page of the exam you intend to sit and click on the Examination Activity.

Step 3: Read the instructions and download the examination file.

Step 4: Immediately Log out and attempt the examination offline by either typing or handwriting (Follow issued instructions for each paper).

Step 5: As soon as you are done with your exam and having scanned your work in PDF or Word Format, come back to moodle, login and submit your work. DO NOT WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE to submit your work as many users will be online at the same time thus congesting and slowing the system.

Step 6: Log out after confirming submission and avoid logging in until your next exam time.


The Exam must be submitted as a SINGLE WORD or PDF FORMAT (Whether typed or handwritten and scanned). Moodle system won’t allow multiple file submissions.

IMAGE/PHOTO format documents are also not allowed. Lecturers won't be able to mark Images / Photos unless they are converted to PDF / WORD format.

In case you experience any challenges, please write an email to: Remember to state your Registration Number; your official name; the school/college you belong to and the specific problem/challenge.


We wish you the best in the forthcoming exams.


Kind regards


by Joshua Omanyo -

Dear Distance Learning Students,


Find attached under the Main Menu of the e-learning portal the Final May - August 2020 examination timetables.

Please take note of the following important issues:

  1. For BCOM, BPL and DBM Students, if you still have clashes in the Final Exam Timetables, prepare to sit alternative exams that will also be uploaded in the respective unit pages in the e-learning portal as per the Part Time Examination Timetables .
  2. For the rest of the programs where there aren't any alternative timetables, please individually write to for advise on way forward in case you have a persisting clash.
  3. For those sitting special or supplementary exams, remember to clearly indicate "SPECIAL EXAM" or "SUPPLEMENTARY EXAM" in your answer sheet depending on the option you are sitting for.
  4. All those with fee balances are reminded to clear them to avoid inconveniences in the course of the examination period.
  5. All examinations shall be done online through your normal e-learning portal, same way you submit your Assignments. You are therefore not required to be physically present in any of our campuses to undertake these examinations.


All Final Exam Timetables shall be updated in this folder.



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